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aussieinvader dec09

December 2009 Newsletter - We have been working hard at fitting our rollcage into our mainframe. LF Performance Products completed some final adjustments last week and our Team Manager Peter Taylor, drew the short straw to get this structure fitted into the car, but thanks to Pete’s determination and technical ability, great progress…

aussieinvader nov09

November 2009 Newsletter - It’s been another huge month on the job with the construction phases of our 1,000 mph rocket powered Aussie Invader 5R. Mike Annear from CR Kennedy has been burning the midnight oil completing CAD drawings for various parts and designing our windshield and nose sections. Once our Computational Fluid…

aussieinvader oct09

October 2009 Newsletter - This past month has been full steam ahead for all of our team, the development of the car is surging ahead and several key areas of this unique vehicle are all happening at the same time. We have had a huge month with several TV Documentary companies contacting us from Sydney, Australia, Canada, The USA and…

aussieinvader sep09

September 2009 Newsletter – Boy this month has blasted past in the blink of an eye. The Aussie Invader Crew and I have worked our tails off with the construction phase of our car, negotiations with perspective sponsors and guest appearances at several charitable functions. Our Technical Project Manager Mark Read has worked overtime preparing…

aussieinvader aug09

August 2009 Newsletter - What a month this has been for the Aussie Invader camp. My crew and I, headed by our Team Manager Pete Taylor, have completed another critical stage of our Aussie Invader 5R LSR racers construction. We now have the front suspension support ring fully completed and operational, the rear suspension support ring…

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