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aussieinvader dec10

December 2010 Newsletter – I feel like I am driving Aussie Invader 5R already, but it is not the ground flashing past me, but time. Each month holds something good, but life seems to get in the way of LSR attempts. It is nearly the end of the year and we have a motor show in 6 months, with a lot of work to do. John Ackroyd left us last week…

aussieinvader nov10

November 2010 Newsletter – The good news is he has arrived, our long awaited design engineer John “Ackers” Ackroyd has arrived in Perth from the UK and is here for 3 weeks Ackers had to complete the project “aerotorus”, the world’s largest helium filled structure that you would have seen featured in the recent Commonwealth Games in Delhi…

aussieinvader oct10

October 2010 Newsletter – This past month has been really full on with heaps of PR activities and public appearances in between trying desperately to complete some vehicle design areas and fabricate the components necessary to get our car on wheels. Unfortunately we did not meet our build schedule this month, which just means we have to…

aussieinvader sep10

September 2010 Newsletter – We were hoping to have our long time friend and “Extreme Engineer ” John “Ackers” Ackroyd join us this month to assist with the final design of our front suspension and steering geometry, and also advise us on forty three other areas on our car that require a straight thinking engineers input…

aussieinvader aug10

August 2010 Newsletter – This month started on a positive note for my family and crew, we finally moved back into our house after our huge storm with 99% of all our repairs completed and new carpet paint and furniture throughout, it’s like living at Club Med, but without room service. These last few months has been disruptive for our project…

aussieinvader jul10

July 2010 Newsletter – Boy have we been under the pump this month with completing house and workshop repairs after our Perth’s biggest storm in 100 years. My wife Cheryl and I have been confined to caravan living for 3 months now and it’s starting to wear thin. I would never have believed life could be so disruptive, unorganised and…

aussieinvader jun10

June 2010 Newsletter – This past month has been extremely chaotic for my family and team with the rebuilding of our home after our huge Perth storm. We have been trying to make some positive headway with the car and overseeing the rebuilding of our home at the same time. We are still probably 4 weeks away from moving back into…

aussieinvader may10

May 2010 Newsletter – This year is rocketing past so quickly it’s hard to believe how we can find time to achieve anything. As mentioned in last month’s newsletter Perth, Western Australia was hit by a major storm with massive hail stones. There were thousands of cars written off due to body damage, including brand new BMW’s and Mercedes…

aussieinvader apr10

April 2010 Newsletter – We are getting in early this month with our newsletter as our Technical Manager Mark Read is taking a well earned break with his family to Western Australia’s South West Region for a week or two. As well as a thousand other jobs on our project Mark also pieces together my ramblings and turns it all into a pretty…

aussieinvader mar10

March 2010 Newsletter – Welcome to our March 2010 newsletter and as the old saying goes, “there is no rest for the wicked”. Boy have we been flat strapped this past month, as we have a filming date with Australia’s ABC Catalyst Programme in a week’s time. Having to juggle the construction phases of our car around media stories is proving…

aussieinvader feb10

February 2010 Newsletter – As expected January blasted past in the blink of an eye, with our Christmas and New Year break, meaning lots of companies were short staffed, which created a few stressful moments for us in trying to make some positive headway with our car. We are currently working our construction schedule around lots…

aussieinvader jan10

January 2010 Newsletter -We have had an amazing year with everyone all pulling together to make our project become reality. Let me recap on some of our achievements and adventures this past year, and our plans for 2010. Orrcon Steel, Park Motor Body Builders and Oilfield Traders sponsoring our central mainframe and all the…

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