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Powered by an Australian-manufactured Atar 09C5, Jet Turbine as used in the Mirage fighter.

In 1993 Rosco assembled his first Land Speed Racer known as “Aussie Invader II” powered by a 36,000 hp Mirage Jet Fighter Engine. This racer was a culmination of 10 years, blood, sweat and tears. On their first outing Aussie Invader II reached a speed of 450 mph. Bad weather forced the team away from their Salt Lake race venue in central Australia, back to their base in WA to regroup and prepare for their next attack on the Australian Land Speed Record of 403 mph.

1994 saw a revamped Aussie Invader II and a much more experienced race team. Alas the weather gods where again not kind. Rosco McGlashan became the “Fastest Aussie On Earth” with an official 500 mph two way pass. Not being content with just an Australian Record, Rosco convinced a nervous team to attempt the World Land Speed Record despite poor salt conditions, rain and bad light.A week later Rosco ran his racer southbound on a track in very poor condition. At 580 mph Aussie Invader II broke through the salt surface and tram-lined through the timing equipment 200 yards away from the track’s measured mile. Aussie Invader II was a write-off, immediately the team went to work on a sleeker, more powerful car known as Aussie Invader III.

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