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The Aussie Invader team is extremely grateful for all its donations and would like to thank those have donated to the project. This page is only a recent addition and if you have donated in the past and are not on here, please contact us.



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Adam Carson
Agnes Byers
Alec Oaten
Andrew Ditz
Andrew Hutton
Arie Bras
Arthur Matthews
Ashley Fraser
Barry Currie
Barry Fitzsimmons
Bernard McMinn
Blair Fraser
Brett Boughton
Brett Johnson
Bruce Chapman
Cec Ward
Charles L Shaffer
Charlie Saliba
Christopher Spriggs
Clive Neale
Colin Patrick Butt
Daniel Leonard
Daniel Mueller
Danny Plecas
Darren Beard
Rob Patterson
Red Pepper Studios
Roger Petri
Ben Cronin
Bev & Lloyd Margetts
Rob Patterson

David King
David Thompson
Declan Colley
Dennis Hartley
Des Douglas
Duncan J Forrest
Eddie Szczepanik
Elek, Tamara & Josh Kulesa
Eric Levett
Eric Purvis
Tony Everyman
Gary & Mo Faas
Gary Hankinson
Gary Pearce
Gary Wright
Gavin Green
Gavin Lyons
Geoff Shaw
George Di Candilo
Gerard Wilcox
Graeme Whitehead
Graffique Designs
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Graham Colvin
Graham Paterson
Howard Barnes
Brian Jackel
Charles L Schaffer
John Everingham
Rodney John Grant

Ian Napier
James Cavill
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John & Lee-Anne Fosters
John Ducey
John Grillus
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Jonathan W Bratten
Justin Gan
Keith Flower
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Kim Tindall
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Mark Read
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Anthony Carnovale
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Eva & Andre Bellaire

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William Woodhouse
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