Jeff Green

  • Team Involvement: Technical Consultant
  • Contact:
  • Location: Perth, Australia
  • Occupation: Retired – ITC Consultant

Originally from Sydney, Jeff moved to Perth in the early eighties. He is an Electronics Engineer with a strong Information and Communications Technology background, accumulating 30 years experience in positions such as, systems engineer, project manager, general manager and consultant.

Jeff joined the team in 2017, living nearby Rosco he was always interested in the project and after retiring he had time to help out. He has a lifelong passion for Land Speed Records. Like Rosco, Jeff was inspired by Donald Campbell’s LSR breaking runs on Lake Eyre, as a kid he would race anything with wheels down the highest hills he could find, billy cart, skateboard or bike. Jeff’s role is to get backing and explore sponsorship opportunities for the AI5R LSR challenge. In addition to this he is coordinating the development of the systems for monitoring the cars performance.