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Aussie Invader 5R air brakes

Early Aussie Invader Promotional Video

Open day for Willetton High School Students

Old Spice Commercial 2016 Rocket Car

Have your selfie #gosupersonic

1000Mph Club members - video 4

1000Mph Club members video 2

1000Mph Club members video 3

1000Mph Club members video 1

Aussie Invader 5R Car Walk Around

Channel 7 News - Aussie Invader 3 for sale

How to lift the front of a 9 ton land speed record car

Gina Campbell visits Rosco McGlashan in Perth

Rosco Interviewed on Mix 94.5 Pt 2

Rosco Interviewed on Mix 94.5 Pt 1

Oz Rocketman at Perth's Royal Show

Animation for Aussie Invader 5R

Channel 10 News - RACE Open Day for Willetton Senior High School

Channel 7 - Aussie Invader III Up For Sale

Vlog #8 - Willetton High School Year 12 Engineering Project

Early Aussie Invader 5R Simulation

Channel 7 R0sco & Aussie Invader 5R Feature

CFD from The Aussie Invader Land Speed Project

Vlog #7- Steering

Vlog #6 - Driver's Canopy

The Vlog with peter taylor (Vlog 5)

The Rosco promo video

Aussie Invader -- Vlog 4, Rocket Motor

Aussie invader - Vlog 3, Motor Show

Aussie invader - Vlog 2, Steering