Interesting Links

Web Link – Warby Motorsport

In 1978 Ken Warby set the current World water speed record of 317.60MPH, which to this day remains unbroken. Now 40 years on, Ken’s and his son David have built Spirit of Australia II and are attempting in 2018 to break the current water speed record.

Web Link – Bloodhound SSC

Our British friends, LSR and 1,000 mph rivals with Bloodhound SSC. The current World Land Speed Record holders with 763.035 mph (1227.986 km/h) set with Thrust SSC in 1997 driven by Andy Green.

Web Link – The Mexican Rocketman

TAM is the world leading developer and provider of hydrogen peroxide rockets & related technologies. Founder C.P.A. Juan Manuel Lozano has been working with hydrogen peroxide propulsion systems since 1975.

Web Link – Badlands Racing

Joe Brown and Steve Cooke’s Badlands Racing. Joe is no stranger to Jet Car racing and Steve Cooke has been involved in the world of Jet Car racing for close to 10 years. Steve was crew chief for his step-father Joe Brown.

Web Link – North American Eagle

Our USA friends and LSR rivals are North American Eagle (NAE). They are looking to also break the Current Land Speed Record held by the British with their car that has a potential to achieve 800 mph.

The DLRA is promoting and encouraging Land Speed Racing in Australia at Lake Gairdner, where Rosco has set his Australian LSR and took Aussie Invader III to 638 mph.

Web Link – John Paul Stapp

If you think a top fuel dragster is quick, check this out! John Paul Stapp pioneered many modern day aviation survival techniques, using himself as a live crash dummy. He has survived negative 46.2G!

Web Link – The Rocketman

One for the real rocket enthusiast. Minnesota-born inventor Ky Michaelson is a rocketeer that holds dozens of speed records creates mind-blowing stunts that changed the look of Hollywood films.


Driver: Rosco McGlashan OAMRosco McGlashan225

Car Length:
52 Feet (16 Metres)

Car Weight:
Fully Fuelled – 9.2 Tonnes (6.4 Tonnes Dry)

Engine Type: Rocket – Bi-Propellant

Power Output:
62,000LBS/F (Equivalent to 200,000 HP)

Propellant Burn Rate:
2.8 Tonnes in 25 Seconds (incl. throttle down)

0 – 1,000 MPH (1,600+ KM/H) in 20 Seconds

Planned Attempt Date:

Location of Attempt:
Currently Being Investigated

Track Length Required:
27 Kilometres (17 Miles) for 1,000 MPH Attempt