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The Car

Creating a 1,000 MPH Wheel


The wheels for Aussie Invader 5R were conceived and designed by LSR engineering legend John (Ackers) Ackroyd, with input from many highly respected engineering professionals and companies.


Aussie Invader 5R will run on four solid Calm Aluminium tireless wheels, with each wheel spinning independently. The front two wheels are side by side with a 30mm spacing. The wheel profiles vary slightly due to different car weight bias from front to rear. The front wheels have a more rounded profile, with the rear wheels being more "V" shaped.

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Veem EngineeringThe wheels for Aussie Invader 5R are the culmination of many years work by Rosco and the team and were expertly machined by VEEM one of WA’s top engineering companies, known for its precision work in the Defence, Marine, Transport, Mining, Oil and Gas fields.

Facts about the wheels…

  • Sponsor: Calm Aluminium
  • Material: Machined from 7050 billet alloy
  • Weight: 140kg per wheel
  • Dimensions: 900mm diameter x 198mm wide
  • Maximum rotational speed: 10,000 RPM +/- 5%
  • Preparation: Shot peened, balanced and spun tested
  • Force at wheel rim: 50,000 G at 1000 mph/1600+ km/h
  • Bearing type:  SKF 7020 ACD/P4AQBCA series angular contact
  • Bearings per wheel: 4
  • Wheel profiles: Vary slightly due to different car weight bias from front to rear

1000mph wheel
Click image to view larger version.

The wheels are designed to race on an alkali mud lake surface where they will achieve a higher drag co-efficient than on salt, allowing Aussie Invader 5R to accelerate at a constant 3G and on to 1,000 mph (1,600+ km/h).

The Bearings

skf 140Our super-precision high speed wheel bearings have been produced for us by SKF in Italy and kindly sponsored by our friends at SKF in Melbourne. Extensive work was undertaken by SKF with their engineers worldwide designing and researching the best possible bearing solution for Aussie Invader 5R. With a maximum rotational speed of 10,000 RPM +/- 5%, it meant our wheels will be generating a massive 50,000 G loading on the rim. The rate of acceleration our bearings will undergo meant we needed a very special bearing and lubrication solution. SKF engineers decided on a matched four bearing per wheel combination of their 7020 ACD series bearings utilising LUBCON grease.

Thank you to all the great people and companies that made this wheel solution possible.

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