Glenn Hair

Team Involvement: Systems Engineer
Occupation: Retired
Location: Perth, Australia

Glenn Hair

About Glenn

Having completed his apprenticeship as Automotive Mechanical Engineer, Glenn stayed on for a few years at the renowned & revered Don Halls Speedshop, specializing in static & dynamic engine balancing, fitting, turning, milling, high performance engine tuning, suspension & exhaust modifications for car dealers, including Lotus, MG, Datsun Sports, Mini Cooper and many more.

Glenn worked with another great mentor in Brian Sadler at Performance Modifications and was involved with Geoff Pilgrim Racing from 1971 & spent some 46 + years on & off thereafter, helping to develop the first successful VW Speedcar/Midget in the World.

The career has varied over the years, with senior roles, but his love of all things mechanical was the reason he met Rosco many years back, when Glenn helped Rosco with some “in the pits” assistance for the Crazy Horse V8 motorbike. They became great mates and that has culminated in Glenn working with Rosco many years later, on Aussie Invader 5R.