It has taken about 20 years to get to this stage, from the concept to a car that looks ready to race. The science and technology behind such a project is staggering, and virtually everything on this car, we have had to design and build ourselves with the help of our great sponsors and team members. This car is the culmination of many great minds and dedicated people who want to see this car run and break the world land speed record.

Cutaway overview of Aussie Invader 5R

1. Bi-propellant rocket engine with 62,000 lb/f. 200,000 hp.
2. Vertical and horizontal stabilisers.
3. The air brakes are deployed at 775 mph. 7 tonnes of force.
4. Aerospace-grade aluminium wheels. 4 x 140 kg. 10,250 rpm max limit (1,050 mph).
5. Propellant actuator valves.

6. Adjustable propellant regulators 300-600 psi.
7. High & low speed chutes deployed at 600 mph & 400 mph.
8. Composite filament wound blowdown tanks – 4,000 psi.
9. Electronics & hydraulics service bay (details not shown).
10. Propellant feed lines from the OPM to the rocket engine.

11. Gaseous nitrogen fed to OPM.
12. Driver’s cockpit & roll cage (detailed view not shown).
13. Fire & breathing systems.
14. Gaseous nitrogen pushing pistons along OPM. Pistons force propellants into the rocket engine. Hypergolic reaction.
15. “V” Shaped underbelly to deflect shockwave.

16. Orbital propellant module (OPM). It is 6 metres long & holds 2.8 tonnes of propellants.
17. 3 x fuel tanks (gum spirit).
18. 4 x oxidiser tanks (white fuming nitric acid).
19. Carbon fibre nose cone with avionics & radar.
20. Canards (winglets). Self-levelling to balance the car.