Paul Martin

Team Involvement: Senior Design Engineer
Occupation: Freelance Design Engineer
Location: Cambridge, UK

Paul Martin

About Paul

Paul has worked with us on several aspects of our car, from air brake , canards and tail fin design. When not involved with speed record ventures Paul is as a freelance engineer specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced lightweight and high performance structures and in the past has also applied his trade for motor racing in F1, F3000, GTS & Indy racing cars for customers including March Engineering, Spirit Racing, Arrows Racing and Ligier Sports.

  • Oldsmobile Aerotech Quad 4 record car 257 mph around the Indianapolis race circuit
  • McLaren F1 Supercar. The world’s fastest production car at the time (241 mph)
  • McLaren Maverick World Land Speed Record car (target 1000 mph)
  • Bloodhound World Land Speed Record car (target 1050 mph)
  • Quicksilver World Water Speed Record boat (target 500 mph)

Other positions held during his career, include:

  • Senior Project Engineer Advanced Composite Technology Ltd
  • Chief Composite Engineer Leyton House Formula One
  • General Manager COMTEC Ltd
  • Head of Composite Structures Engineering on the McLaren F1 supercar project
  • Engineering Director Composite Engineering Innovations Ltd
  • Head of Group Manufacturing Lola Cars Engineering
  • Director Ling Dynamic Systems
  • Managing Director Technical Resin Bonders Ltd
  • Engineering Director Quiet Revolution Wind turbines