Chris Demunck

Team Involvement: Car Construction
Occupation: Retired – Mechanical Engineer
Location: Perth, Australia

Chris Demunck

About Chris

Chris started his career with an apprenticeship in heavy plant mechanical engineering. He spent 4 years with Chamberlain Industries Pty Ltd, Diagnosing product problems on their range of industrial and farm machinery as well as country dealer service development.

Chris spent 31 years with Detroit Engine and Turbine Company, progressing from Diesel Technician through to Service Manager with a staff of 60 people. Chris was responsible for day to day running of a large engineering workshop as well as management of contract labour on site of power stations at both W.M.C. Leinster and Argyle Diamond Mines.

Chris spent the last 3 years of his working career as technical manager of General Motors Electromotive Diesel (loco size engines) throughout Australia and South East Asia, so Aussie Invader 5R does not phase Chris at all.

Chris is a loyal and extremely dedicated member of our team and has been with us for over 10 years. He can turn his hand to almost anything and his stamina and work ethics are unique. After a tough day working on our project he goes home and often spends the evenings designing and machining parts for the following day.

Chris' main duties are car construction and recently built a 2 metre working model of Aussie Invader 5R.