Mark Read

Team Involvement: Project Development
Occupation: Retired – IT Consultant / Motor Cycle & Hot Rod Builder
Contact: Email Mark | + 61 (0)422 517 887
Location: Perth, Australia

Mark Read

About Mark

Mark is from the UK, was born in London and emigrated to Perth, WA in 2004. Mark has recently returned with his wife Kaye from Houston, Texas, after living there for 2 years.

Mark met Rosco in 2009 by a chance and has been working with Rosco ever since on building Aussie Invader 5R into the record challenger it is today. Mark has various roles and helped to keep the project moving forward over many years, in any way he could. He has seen the challenges first-hand of trying to build a land speed record car in today’s climate.

Recently Mark undertook writing Rosco’s memoir, having never written a book before. In five months he had turned a few recordings and emails from Rosco into 80,000 words and – ROSCO The Fastest Aussie on Earth. Mark had worked closely with Rosco for nearly 15 years, so he knew a lot about his life and Aussie invader 5R. The book is for sale on Amazon and is getting some great 5-star reviews. The point of the book was not just to tell Rosco’s very full and colourful life but to help with raising the profile of the project, which it has achieved with the many positive comments about the book.

Mark also took a keen interest in the engineering side of the car, having a passion for building the unusual and a problem-solving mind. He is also responsible for bringing the project to a wider audience and works closely with Rosco, helping to build a Team of like-minded professionals and promoting the project through conventional and online media. “The structure is pretty flat on a project like this, we all do what needs to be done to keep this project moving forward to its end goal and the record,” says Mark.

Mark is a bit of a petrol head, having started to build his first hot rod at 15 and went on to build many over the years. He has a passion for American cars, having owned quite a few. Mark is currently building in his limited spare time a retro inspired motorcycle (pictured above).