ROSCO The Fastest Aussie on Earth

A Book You Can't Put Down!

An Incredible True Story of Grit, Guts & Determination.

ROSCO The Fastest Aussie on Earth tells of Rosco’s incredible life journey and obsession with speed and living on the edge. It is certainly not your typical motor racing memoir. He wound up in prison and solitary confinement at 17. However, he found salvation through his love of speed and raw horsepower, and chasing a dream to be the Fastest Man on Earth. Rosco’s incredible story is now an Amazon best-seller and a must-read book!

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KrazyHorse V8 drag bike.

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What Readers Are Saying About ROSCO The Fastest Aussie on Earth

Amazon CustomerReviewed in Australia on 19 February 2024
I read this book in record time for me, I just couldn’t put it down. I don’t know if this is Rosco’s first book but by the quality of the chapters and the easy flow of the book, it would seem that he has published hundreds.
This book details everything that is the Aussie Battler and it is very humorous all the way through which is another Aussie trait. Thanks Rosco and Team for a throughly interesting read and for the laughs!

Kenneth D CowellReviewed in Australia on 3 November 2023
Rosco is a speed freak and has ridden and driven all sorts of beasts, where the average person would step back shaking their head, he would jump in or on and send it.
He is a true pioneer of speed with an infectious smile that brings others in for the ride!
Absolute legend.

Ian Winter – Reviewed in Australia on 14 November 2023

From the moment I picked up this book and started reading I found it difficult to put it down. A compelling read and lots of amazing things I could empathise with. Also very well written and easy to keep things in context, Congratulations to everyone involved in this truly outstanding project.

Simon – Reviewed in Australia on 11 February 2023

It’s actually really hard to describe this book and, more importantly, this bloke’s life. Putting things very simply, Rosco is a bloke who has taken so many hits, he probably should just lay down and give up. But instead, he stands back up, gives the knockers, the missed opportunities, and the failures the bird and keeps ploughing forward. This is no ordinary bloke. Well written, this book captures his amazing life on a blow by blow basis, the trials and tribulations of the fastest Aussie on Earth. You only hope that soon he also gets to have the title of the fastest Man on Earth. With his determination, it can’t be far away…
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