Not Your Typical Motor Racing Memoir

Rosco’s early years were tough. He spent time in state-run homes and remand centres, eventually leaving home and school at 12. Rosco then drives north in Western Australia to find work, increasing his age from 12 to 16, to fund his racing career.

He fought everyone and everything and, at 17, ended up in prison and even solitary confinement. Once released, Rosco’s salvation comes through his love of speed and raw horsepower. He focuses his fighting spirit and energy on racing and going very fast.

His V8 drag bike and jet dragsters take him from Perth and WA all over Australia, New Zealand and the USA. He meets some incredible people, leading to amazing adventures and tales that will leave you speechless.

Rosco The Fastest Aussie on Earth

A Book You Can’t Put Down!

Later, his motor sport career and quest for speed took him to other countries. He gets kidnapped by the Russian Mafia when trying to buy two MIG jet fighter engines and fights his way out. He crashes a car at nearly 600 mph. He also clinically dies on an operating table when another car he was racing went off a mountain road in driving rain. He was revived and went on to break many motor racing and land speed records.

He meets mass murderers and world leaders, then casually chats with the Dalai Lama. Eventually, Rosco turned his attention to capturing the Australian and world land speed records, a goal he set himself at age 12. In 1994 he beat Donald Campbell’s Australian land speed record.

Rosco and the Aussie Invader team are putting the finishing touches to their latest record-breaker, the world’s fastest and most powerful car, Aussie Invader 5R. This car has 200,000 horsepower, the equivalent of 200 Formula One cars! It can accelerate from 0 – 1000 mph in just 22 seconds. Learn what it takes to build such a car!

Quitting is not in this man’s vocabulary. Rosco’s incredible story is now an Amazon best-seller and a must-read book!

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If you are not convinced just how good ROSCO The Fastest Aussie on Earth is, please, read the reviews below.

Just Released on Audible

Listen to Rosco’s story come to life. Brilliantly narrated by Greg Newman and only available on Audible.

Krazy Horse – V8 Drag Bike

The Rocket Bike Was Banned

Aussie Invader 3 – Reached 1,027 km/h

Aussie Invader 5R –  1,600+ km/h

This is a Book You Won’t Put Down!

#1 Best-Seller  on Amazon

What Readers Are Saying

Great Tales From A Jet-Powered Life – 5-Stars

Mark’s recording of Rosco’s life and work (obsession) in the form of a broadly chronological series of stories is entertaining, engaging and occasionally educational. You can easily imagine sitting in an Aussie pub listening to Rosco recount these stories over a couple of beers. The result is a portrait of the man and of his utter focus on building the fastest car in the world, a story of resilience, humour, sacrifice and devotion. I found it hard to put down.

Ian Pigney, UK

Toughest Bloody Aussie On Earth! – 5-Stars

Rosco’s life is incredible. His story had me hooked from the 1st page. If you want to be inspired to do something with your life, read this as hopefully it’ll get you doing something amazing, just like Rosco has. Still the 1000mph to go! God speed Rosco.

Allan Read, UK

Go, Aussie Invader 5R!! – 5-Stars

This is a raw, real story about a truly remarkable project that only exists because one man has steadfastly refused to give up on an incredible childhood dream. What an amazing journey! I want Aussie Invader to get that land speed record even more now.

David Banbury, Australia

The Final Chapter Is Yet To Be Written – 5-Stars

It’s actually really hard to describe this book and, more importantly, this bloke’s life. Putting things very simply, Rosco is a bloke who has taken so many hits, he probably should just lay down and give up. But instead, he stands back up, gives the knockers, the missed opportunities, and the failures the bird and keeps ploughing forward. This is no ordinary bloke. Well written, this book captures his amazing life on a blow by blow basis, the trials and tribulations of the fastest Aussie on Earth. You only hope that soon, he also gets to have the title of the Fastest Man on Earth. With his determination, it can’t be far away…

Simon, Australia

Ripper Read – Couldn’t Put It Down – 5-Stars

A truly inspirational story. The book tells of Rosco’s journey from a very difficult childhood to becoming the fastest Aussie on earth. His ambition and determination to succeed against the odds are truly inspirational. His warts and all account of a very colourful life is well written by his friend Mark Read. It makes very interesting reading.

Jenny Lovatt, Australia

What A Great Book!! – 5-Stars

I read this book in record time for me, I just couldn’t put it down. I don’t know if this is Rosco’s first book but by the quality of the chapters and the easy flow of the book, it would seem that he has published hundreds. This book details everything that is the Aussie Battler and it is very humorous all the way through which is another Aussie trait. Thanks, Rosco and Team for a thoroughly interesting read and for the laughs!

Verified Purchase, Australia

You Must Read This Book! – 5-Stars

Absolute must-read if you’re a fan of science, racing, speed, cars, engineering, or any of the above!! I’ve been following the Aussie Invader project for a few years now. I just assumed that Rosco must be some hot-shot Aussie billionaire to be putting something like this together. Boy was I wrong. It was really interesting to read about Rosco’s life adventures and the path he has been on to break the world land speed record. As a mechanical engineer working in acoustics, noise, and vibration I’m very interested in the mechanics of the project and thrilled at the idea of a car racing well beyond the speed of sound. My hat is off to you Rosco and your dedicated team. Best of luck to you from the USA, I look forward to following the rest of the story!!!

Luke Saxelby, USA

A Must Read For Any Racing Lover! – 5-Stars

I ordered the book, started reading it and could not put it down. As a land speed racer myself I understand his passion and can appreciate all the trials he has experienced chasing his dream. A man of undying courage, persistence and his story to live his dream at all costs! I highly recommend this book!

Verified Purchase, USA

Very Good Book! – 5-Stars

Rosco engages the reader from the very beginning, but when I read about him coming to my hometown, Thousand Oaks, I was hooked. It was interesting to read about some of the companies and people he dealt with. Also, the respect he shows for Jessi Combs, Ed Shadle, and others we have lost is appreciated. I highly recommend this book.

Richard Hunt, USA

Wonderful Read, The Best Book I have Read In Many Years – 5-Stars

From the moment I picked up this book and started reading, I found it difficult to put it down. It was a compelling read with lots of amazing things I could empathise with. It was also very well written and easy to keep things in context. Congratulations to everyone involved in this truly outstanding project.

Ian Winter, Australia

I Felt Like I Was Part Of The Story – 5-Stars

I’m a 77 YO car guy who loves LSR. I have finished the book, I laughed, had some tears and am hoping for a finish done by Rosco. You always know your REALLY enjoyed a book when it leaves you wanting more. In Rosco’s case there is a number and I will not tell, ya gotta read it to find out.

J Leigh Gill, USA

Epic Read! – 5-Stars

Absolutely fascinating read showing that with drive and determination, no matter your background, you can achieve great things. Very easy to read, funny and poignant at times. A real look into what it takes to achieve a dream. Excellent read, highly recommended for everyone, not just speed freaks.

Brilliant Look Into What Drives People – 5-Stars

I have read many “stories” on people’s lives and what drives them, this is an excellent insight into the goals of a legend. Lots of us will stand on the sidelines of life and watch others go for the goals we wish we had the balls to do ourselves, then we go back to our safe lives and jobs with money in the bank. Boys and girls like Rosco give 110 % commitment, financially, mentally and often physically chasing their goals so we can all look on in awe. Keep up the dream for all us mere mortals.

Pete Radcliffe, Australia

I Worked On Thrust SSC For Three Years. This Book Is Pure Fact! – 5-Stars

This is what the land speed record is all about, the car is only a small part of getting the record. The money, venues, workforce, sponsors and weather are all the other factors plus sheer dedication. Good luck Rosco. WEW

W. E. Woodhouse, UK