Trish Bischoff

Team Involvement: Sponsorship Ambassador
Occupation: Retired Commander Airbus A380
Contact Details: Email Trish
Resides: Canada

Trish Bischoff

About Trish

Trish brings her strategic outlook in marketing and promotions and 30 years of technical aeronautical expertise to the project.

Trish’s passion and long relationship for speed began at 8 years of age when she took her brother’s go-kart and raced it down a neighbour’s hill. By the time she was 12, Trish had already made up her mind that she would become an airline pilot. Raised in Toronto, Canada with her 7 siblings, she honed her competitive edge and survival skills early. Trish owned and raced sailboats in her twenties, she attained her pilot's license in her thirties and bought her own PA28 aircraft.

Trish’s first job in aviation was in Northern Canada flying to some of the most remote places on the planet in often extreme weather conditions. In the airlines, she has now flown almost every Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft from the A319 up to the A380. Trish was based internationally for 20 years and has flown millions of miles to all corners of the globe. She is no stranger to high-performance equipment and the stresses of a dynamic, high-speed situation.

Trish now calls Canada home, having recently retired as a commercial pilot and is currently building her dream home in the Canadian mountains with her husband Chris. She is still an active Aussie Invader team member.