Mark Read

  • Team Involvement: Online & Digital Development
  • Contact: / +61 (0)422 517 887
  • Location: Singapore (for next 2 years)
  • Occupation: Retired – Ex IT Consultant / Hot Rodder
  • Qualifications/Awards:

Mark is from the UK, born in London and moved to Southend-on-Sea, Essex when he was 3 years old. He lived and worked in that area and London until he emigrated to Perth, WA in 2004.

Mark has had a varied career, starting working as a stockbroker in London. In the mid 70’s he saw the power of computers and changed careers, working on many mainframes, working for several banks in support and managerial roles. As the computer industry moved into PC’s in moved into that area as well as starting several Internet companies, often ahead of the market as technology grew.

He joined the team in May 2009 when he made a call to Rosco after finding his details on the Internet. The next day they met for a coffee and Mark was suddenly in charge of redeveloping the Aussie Invader website, helping create newsletters and raising the profile of the Aussie Invader brand. Mark also taken a keen interest in the engineering side of the car, having a passion for building the unusual and a problem solving mind.

Mark is also responsible for bringing the project to a wider audience and works closely with Rosco and the team on promoting the project through conventional and online media. The structure is pretty flat, “We all do what needs to be done to keep this project moving forward” says Mark.

Mark is a bit of a petrol head, having started to build his first hot rod at 15 and went on to build many over the years. He has a passion for American cars, having owned quite a few. Mark is currently building in his limited spare time a retro inspired motorcycle.